It could've been me, but it isn't [2018] - One Shows Oneself, One Shows Up, But To The Other, Galerija K18

was a transient intervention on the walls of Galerija K18, and the result of a one month residency at Guest Room Maribor Slovenia, curated by Miha Vipotnik.

“Carla Habib created a network, which starts with the partial appropriation of fragments from the previous exhibition in that gallery titled Living with Tito? through drawn images of personal experiences of her co-residents. The artist’s narrative is based on photographs documenting the placement of Tito’s image in a contemporary environment, and on selfie culture, which depicts trivial situations as if they were historical events. She uses her personal photo archive, created during her residency stay in Maribor, and draws selected photographs on the wall, while at the same time depicting each of the characters in her own image. In this way, she compares her own image with the image of Tito, which was omnipresent during the times of Yugoslavia. The artist’s starting point was personal stories of individual residents, and when she portrays them as herself, she negates the specificity of a particular moment; instead, she presents it as an experience (a missed flight, a conversation about feminism, sleeping under a tree...), which anyone could relate to.”